Hosting an Event with music? Check out Vlog # 2 “Dynamics” The Case For the Obvious!

Hi, there Carla Virola here of Carla V Entertainment I’m coming to you this month with our new topic and challenge many of you face when hosting a live event with music- lower and higher volumes - really, it’s  a challenge! When is it an appropriate time for both?

Typically an event should have a flow, a beginning, a middle and an end just like your favorite movie or ideally a song that you love.  The event specialist you work with should truly understand that “dynamics” make an event magical - just like when you hear in that favorite song from Journey let’s say“Don’t Stop Believin” it’s an experience either lyrically musically or both!

Now what’s  the common ground? Knowing when to play that “cocktail” music versus that  loud and pumping dance music that your crowd wants to hear when it’s time to get their groove on. Now I know it sounds easy, but trust me many DJ/Artists we have to learn to master the art of this area! Now I’m going to give you and example, I went to a sweet 16 once and the beginning the middle and end was ALL club music and LOUD, it had no arc and it was really distracting when there should’ve been some quieter times. When you interview your DJ or band, you should make sure they understand the art of dynamics.

Ok Carla Virola of Carla V Entertainment signing off now. I hope to see you at your next event! Be sure to Check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @CarlaVirola and at our site