Top 3 Things to Consider when planning an Event with Music

Hi there - This is [Carla Virola] from [Carla V Entertainment ] and I’m coming to you today to talk to you about something that’s uppermost in mind for people when hosting an event. Putting the last piece or the most important piece of the puzzle together and it’s the music. I want to talk to you about the logistics of running an event with a mixed audience from a music perspective.

So here are three things you want to consider when coordinating an event such as a wedding, a christening, a bar mitzvah, a birthday party or corporate event, any private event where large groups of people are going to be gathering and want to hear music:

1) Most people work with DJ’s today, but the truth of the matter is, adding a live performer be it singer, pianist or harpist, can make your affair stand out from the rest, with a touch of class and style. 

The first question to ask yourself is: DJ? Or Live musician? 

With Carla V Entertainment you won’t have to settle for either because our DJ’s ARE musicians, composers and professional artists  performing at high profile events all the time!

2) The next question you should consider is, how many generations will be attending my event? Will you need to cover many genres and styles of music? 

With Carla V Entertainment we have years under our belt of providing high society music for those attendees who crave the Great American Songbook, but we also play the music from today, top of the charts essentially, we give you a truly versatile experience. That’s what you really want for your event you want to see everyone dancing and doing their thing having fun.

3) The third point I want to bring to you and that should be uppermost in mind when planning an event is, are my attendees ethnically diverse? And most times the answer is yes! Of course they are we’re in America!

With Carla V Entertainment we not only DJ and serenade you with American music but we can sing/DJ your event in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew! 

Lastly, when planning an event, make sure you align with an event Specialist professional that truly understands the unique needs of your specific event. Feel free to reach out to me to chat about your upcoming event, we love helping our clients and friends achieve amazing results, we have a lot of years under our belt. Hit us up on FB @ Carla Virola/Carla V Entertainment on our business page, or at our site:

Stay tuned for some more great tips on how to host an amazing event with Carla V Entertainment coming up very soon !!